Friday, February 6, 2009

Furry Friends Friday

Good Morning Stampers and welcome to another Furry Friends Friday! This is our Mamma kitty. She came to us about 3 months ago along with her beautiful litter of 4 kittens. Someone dumped her at the pound like trash. I've tried to call her something other than Mamma but nothing seems to stick. She has the strongest mothering instinct so I guess her name suits her. Her kittens have gotten homes but we had a hard time finding one for her so she's become part of our family now. She loves to help with each new litter of kittens that we foster. I think she thinks they all belong to her. It's the sweetest thing to see her mothering the new kittens.
The picture with the four kittens are her babies-we named them Jackolantern, Candy, Boo and Dracula (we got them around Halloween can you tell?)of course they have gotten new names when they went to their new homes. The other picture is Mamma with Dawn who just got a home last weekend!
I hope you enjoyed my furry friends for today! Thanks for stopping by!

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