Friday, February 27, 2009

Furry Friends Friday

Hi there stampers and furry friend lovers! Well this week has been such a struggle for me with the loss of my foster kittens and other terrific financial issues we've been having. I am so glad it is Friday and we are going to play Bunco tonight. I plan on having a great time and forgetting all about my woes for at least the duration of the evening.
So onto the post of the day...
Today I am going to introduce you to Willy. Willy is easily the biggest dog we've ever been around. I've seen a few in my life that are bigger but never for more than a minute in passing. We are taking care of him for a friend who has had him since he was 2 yrs old but now does not have a place where he can keep him. We agreed to take him before ever meeting him which was a blessing for him! We might not have agreed to it! Willy is 11 years old but plays ball like he's just a puppy. He's so big and can really be a nuisance, but he's just a big sweet boy that we can't help but love despite the slobber, gas, food stealing and ginormous land mines!
Hope you've enjoyed meeting our big stinky goofball!

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