Friday, February 20, 2009

Furry Friends Friday

Good Morning Stampers! Thanks for stopping by. I had a wonderful post full of the sweetest little kittens but sadly two of them passed away during the night and I feel awful.
I picked up these precious little furballs from the pound Thursday night. There were five kittens in all, three boys and two girls and their foster mamma. They thought they were about a week old then so now they should be 2 weeks old. My vet tech friend, Diane, who gets us the foster kitties, came over to check them and their Mamma over and we discovered that this isn't their biological mother because she is expecting! There's no way to have a litter of kittens and then have another a couple weeks later! Apparently either the people at the pound didn't realize or the Mamma, who we have now named Venetian, just took to taking care of them on her own? We have no idea! She has been nursing the little guys(we named them Paris, Mirage, Luxor, Caesar and Bellagio) and they seemed to be doing pretty good despite having nasty colds. Unfortunately last night I discovered two of the five kittens struggling. I called Diane and she came over with IV fluids and milk replacement. These little guys are so small, literally the size of hamsters and have to fight to survive with this nasty cold. Unfortunately it is fairly common for newborn kittens from the pound to get sick and not make it and there's not much you can do but pray.

This little gray guy's named Caesar. I took down the close up picture of Mirage-it's too heartbreaking to leave it on here for me.
We are looking forward to the remaining babies to all get better quickly and for Venetian to give birth to a healthy second litter soon.

Stay tuned to next week's Furry Friend Friday-hopefully we'll have a few more healthy little fur babies to show off and no more sad news.
Thanks for checking in. Come back tomorrow for my Kristina Werner Color Challenge for the week!

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