Friday, March 13, 2009

Furry Friends Friday

Welcome to another edition of Furry Friends Friday! Hope you are having a terrific day!
Today I am going to introduce you to two of my favorite furry friends. Maui and Kona are my BFF, Molly's babies. They are almost 5 yrs old and are brothers from the same litter if you can believe it!

They are both so sweet even though I have only really gotten to know them over the last year or so. Before that they would NEVER come out for me! NEVER! Even when I would come over to take care of them while Molly was out of town they would hide under the bed! Stinkers! I was so excited when Maui first came out one night when I was visiting a year ago.

A couple months later Kona mustered enough courage to come out and see that I wasn't that bad after all! ;) Now they come out without too much hesitation, though Kona is a bit of a scaredy cat like my Mr. Moe-any sudden movements or sounds and *flash* he's gone! My favorite thing about Kona is that he's a big love-he likes to rub his cheek against you when you say "kiss" usually when he's coming to get a kitty treat!

Maui cracks me up when he races back and forth on top of Molly's couch chasing a laser pointer beam! He's so fast!
I am so glad they have decided to come out and play when I come over-I was heartbroken when they didn't!

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Elizabeth

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  1. Wow those are some unbelievably handsome cats! -anon lol